,Dear Brothers and Sisters

Recent events have underscored the need for a reassessment of our security measures in Kiryat Arba. This stems from the proximity of our community to Hebron, where a mere 10 meters separate Kiryat Arba from the first Arab residence. Tragically, violent incidents like the one that occurred last Saturday in villages and cities near the Gaza Strip have shown us that the threat is not hypothetical but a stark reality

In response, we have established a Civilian Guard, a first response team, to bolster Kiryat Arba's security. These dedicated members need top-notch equipment and ammunition to effectively face the challenging situation they may encounter

Our Civilian Guard is comprised of outstanding individuals, but they require superior equipment to confront the potential threat of an attack by blood thirsty terrorists. Their primary duty is to protect our community's women, children, and elderly until the military can arrive on the scene. There is inevitably a time gap between an attack's onset and the arrival of trained soldiers, making the Civil Guard's immediate response crucial. Our members must hold their ground until reinforcements arrive

The commitment and determination of the Civil Guard are unwavering, but it's imperative that they have the necessary training and equipment for effective functioning. This includes uniforms for easy identification, bullet-proof helmets and vests for personal safety, special flashlights, night vision devices (NVDs) for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, and specific scopes and sights for combat

In this historic moment, the residents of Kiryat Arba are resolute in safeguarding our forefather’s land, honoring our ancestor’s legacy. This is a pivotal juncture where you can make a difference through your support. Your assistance will be lifesaving and greatly appreciated

"עֵֽת־צָרָ֥ה הִיא֙ לְיַֽעֲקֹ֔ב וּמִמֶּ֖נָּה יִוָּשֵֽׁעַ"

.It is a time of trouble for Jacob, But he shall be delivered from it


Equipment for 50 first sets: 

Tactical vests and plates

50x3800 = 190,000 NIS

Pouch sets 

50x800= 40,000 NIS

Tactical helmets 

50 x 1200 = 60,000 NIS

Tactical shoes 

50x450= 22,500 NIS

Tactical weapon light/torch

50x600= 30,000 NIS

telescope/ monocular telescope
(for commanders only)

5x240= 1200 NIS

Tactical uniforms 

50x 750 = 37,500 NIS